There is a light freshness about Rome in the summertime which has catapulted the city into my list of favourites. The thing about Italy is that you need to be ready for a drink and a bite at all times. The city is so full of great food it almost seems like a sin to be empty handed or on a diet. Our first night in Rome was spent bar-hopping in Trastevere, the Brooklyn to Rome’s ancient centre, starting with the obligatory Aperol Spritz and moving on to local 1-2 euro glasses of wine. My companion began his journey of Italian beers and found that at the end of 12 days he had only had the same beer maybe twice. After you travel around Italy you will find that different cities will have different menus that are quite constant across their respective restaurants. In Rome, you will find lots of amatriciana, cacio e pepe, lasagne and carbonara. We ate each of these at least twice, for our own research of course.